Expectations/obligations of interns

Prior to departure, interns are briefed on expectations and appropriate protocol to observe while on an internship. The briefing will advise and encourage interns to:

  • embrace the unique focus of the Program – internships are much more about the host than about the intern
  • feel privileged to be given the opportunity
  • assist the over-worked and under-resourced host organisation
  • be flexible and open-minded about the tasks to be undertaken and level of supervision
  • try to fit into your host organisation seamlessly and have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude
  • be professional at all times as an ambassador of the Program.

To fulfill your obligations while you are an Aurora intern, you need to:

  • Comply with the Intern Obligations and Code of conduct and professional ethics for interns
  • Provide weekly written emails to the Placements team on the progress of the internship
  • Continue your internship to the agreed end date

  • Complete an online overview questionnaire at the completion of the internship

  • Write and organise the publication of a promotional article about your experience

  • Promote the Program at your university – graduates are exempt.