Connection Hub

The Aurora Internship Program was fortunate be selected to take part in the 2017 Tech Challenge for Social Justice, a partnership between Allens, the UTS Faculty of Law and software firm Neota Logic.  The aim of the Tech Challenge was to support participating not for profit organisations with legal technology that can be further utilised to make justice more accessible to all.

Back in March 2017, a team of UTS law students and Allens staff worked in consultation with Aurora to develop an app that would assist the running of the Aurora Internship Program. This led to the creation of the Aurora Connection Hub - an app designed to assist Indigenous sector organisations recruit high quality Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous graduates with an interest in joining the sector.

Anticipated advantages of the Aurora Connection Hub:

  1. Recruiting organisations would be able to advertise graduate roles, full-time as well as short-term locum and part-time roles of interest to alumni as well as other students and graduates, providing a cost effective and easy avenue through which to recruit. 
  2. Supports Aurora’s Indigenous sector Hosts organisations in terms of recruitment, as the Internship Alumni Network provides a solid pool of high calibre Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous students and graduates interested in working in the sector.  
  3. Facilitates the recruitment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alumni, whereby listings specify whether roles are identified specifically for Indigenous candidates.
  4. Allows the Aurora Internships Team to more efficiently track the progress of its internship alumni who go on to work in the Indigenous sector, which in turn helps to demonstrate the ongoing impact of the Program in the sector, by way of recruitment savings and capacity building.  

We officially launched the Connection Hub on February 2018.


Good luck - we hope this is helpful!!  Feel free to email the Internships team with any feedback you might have.