In 2009/10 Aurora conducted a feasibility study into extending the internship Program to include business students and graduates to work in the native title and broader Indigenous sector.

Aurora canvassed staff at all the NTRBs, a number of PBCs and other organisations about their potential business internship requirements. Research undertaken at the business, commerce, and economics faculties of 40 universities Australia-wide, determined the business-related programs with a practical component, and the level of study the practical component applied.

Feedback from university academics demonstrated their support for work-integrated learning and revealed a solid culture of practical work experience amongst potential business interns, who could be appropriately matched to specific projects at prospective host organisations.

16 organisations indicated they would be keen to host business interns. A pilot program placed 3 business interns as part of the winter 2010 round at:

  • KLC
  • Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation.

Feedback from supervisors and interns alike has been positive. Aurora anticipates placing more business interns in the future, especially in light of the post-determination era. However, at present no funding is available to formally expand the internship program.

Legal interns with a business/finance/commerce background are encouraged to apply. 

Applying for a business internship:

  • If you have a legal/business background, you will need to apply in the legal stream.
  • If you have a social science/business background, you will need to apply in the social science stream.  
  • Please refer to section for Indigenous applicants where specific criteria and eligibility are outlined