About Aurora

The Aurora Project was established in 2006 as a result of a report into the professional development needs of lawyers at Native Title Representative Bodies. Over the years it has grown to encompass other projects in the broader area of Indigenous education and Indigenous affairs generally.

Our vision at Aurora is that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will drive a new era of growth, participation and achievement in Australian and global communities.  

- We exist to inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aspirations and achievement
- We seek to change the conversation around Indigenous education to one of high expectations and possibilities.

  • What we do

    Much of our work aims to strengthen Indigenous organisations by supporting their staff and facilitating opportunities for all Australians to work in these organisations. The Aurora Education Foundation also run projects aimed at improving educational outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

  • Who we are

    The Aurora Project is funded by government and corporate bodies and works closely with a number of partner organisations and trusts. Located in Sydney, our staff work closely with a range of specialists in native title, Indigenous education and the broader Indigenous sector to deliver programs and services across Australia.

  • Join our team

    Please see Aurora Education Foundation for current roles listed with Aurora.