About applying for an internship

To apply for an internship you need:

  • a solid academic record
  • an interest in the area of native title and/or the broader Indigenous sector
  • a strong sense of cultural awareness 
  • good interpersonal and communication skills.

Applications are accepted in more than one stream. If you want to apply for more than one stream you will need to specify ‘anthropology’, ‘legal’ or ‘social science’ in your cover letter.

The whole process: 

  1. Prepare application to submit on-line
  2. Applications are reviewed & candidates are shortlisted for interview
  3. Interviews take place throughout Australia (in person or via Skype)
  4. Successful applicants will become 'Eligible' to be placed
  5. Matching process - according to Host needs and your background
  6. Confirmation of internship placement and intern obligations/expectations
  7. Monitor your progress during and after placement
  8. Evaluation feedback on your time on placement​.

What are your chances of being successful?

  1. This is a competitive program attracting high calibre passionate candidates each round.
  2. We receive around 350 applications each round.
  3. We rely on the demand from the various Host organisations each round to determine the number of placements. 
  4. We arrange approximately 120 to 150 placements per round.
  5. Applicants who unsuccessful are encouraged reapply.


  • When can I apply?

    Please be advised that due to the ongoing COVID situation Aurora will be running a condensed summer 2021/22 round and will only offer placements to confirmed candidates who deferred from the winter 2021 round.

    During this time Aurora will work to implement recommendations of the recent evaluation of the Internship Program by Nous Group. We expect to relaunch the Internship Program for the winter 2022 round.

    Applications will be open in March 2022 (exact dates TBC).


  • How to prepare and submit an application

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: In light of the ongoing covid-19 situation the dates for the summer 2021/2022 internship round have not been determined. We expect an update will be available in the coming weeks.

    Late applications will still be accepted for the current winter 2021 round from Indigenous candidates only. Please contact internships@aurorafoundation.com.au

    Application process - 2 step process

    Step 1

  • How the selection process works

    • On-line applications are reviewed by the Placements team
    • Applicants are short-listed for interview - at that time they will be required to specify their available timeframe, their 5 preferred host organisations as well as whether they are able to partly/fully fund their placement. See Where can I go? and What interns say?
  • Expectations/obligations of interns

    Prior to departure, interns are briefed on expectations and appropriate protocol to observe while on an internship. The briefing will advise and encourage interns to: